Xingmi (Singapore) Media Technology Support and Sevice.

Shenzhen Xingmi (China) Media Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional One-stop solution provider of photography and video production, live streaming, broadcasting and promotion services.

Established in 2004, it is one of China's earliest service providers of the kind. Xingmi Media has its full staff of broadcast engineers, cameramen, tuners, live coders and video directors. With its proprietary network broadcast technology platform, it provides customized services.

Xingmi Media has a live streaming service executive team in major cities in China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It has served about 1,000 customers and conducted live streaming services for nearly 10,000 conferences, events and activities.

Based in Singapore, NANYANG DRAGON PTE. LTD. is the operating arm of Xingmi Media in ASEAN, fully charged with marketing and sales in the region. Please contact us at NANYANG DRAGON PTE. LTD. and discuss how we can offer our tailored solutions for you.

E-Mail: nanyangdragon@gmail.comWhatsApp/Tel: +65 87991588

Main Customers


  • Solution 1: Conferences, PR events, Sports, Cyber game, and Medical academic activities

    1. We evaluate the conditions of the sites of conferences and activities, the quality of network environment, and then deploy our technical staff, who include broadcast engineers, cameramen, tuners, live coders and video directors, and conduct the whole range of our services, which span from on-site shooting, optimizing the lighting environments, selective sound collection, to live streaming, and submitting to various Internet video platforms.
    2. While priority use the local dedicated networks, we are able to construct our own 4G/5G multi-card aggregated networks as the standby network for live broadcasting.
  • Solution 2: E-commerce activities

    1. Providing video streaming services to support all E-commerce related activities, in all situations and scenarios.
    2. Providing green screen (blue screens as well) virtual video streaming services.
  • Solution 3: One-stop webcast and video streaming services in China

    1. Providing One-stop online video streaming distribute in China whole video media webcast network for Singaporean customers.

Impactful Effect

    1. We can realize the smooth connection of video cameras located remotely at various places and smooth switching among them, so as to ensure the coherence and stability of the broadcast content.
    2. We deploy multiple cameras at the main venue, while placing one camera in each sub-venue. All the video signals of the sub-venue are then transmitted to the main venue through the remote high-definition transmission software as directed, and then broadcast online, resulting in zero loss of video signals despite the cameras being shifted around geographically and being switched and directed as needed.
    3. We are able to achieve the clear and smooth sound transmission among multiple conference rooms, ensuring very minimal delays in the transmission of sounds while reducing the noise of the sound input. In terms of sound processing, we deploy professional mixers and subsequently multiple audio processors to process the sound along each route and path, and then transmit it to the console to ensure the quality of the whole interaction, music and live broadcast sound, especially the music quality, to achieve zero frame loss.
    4. We ensure the normal operation of the on-site wireless network and are able to set up backup networks in case of emergency. While using telecom operators' dedicated networks, we also build our own 4G/5G multi-card aggregated networks, and complete switching between the two types of networks within five seconds maximum.

Business Cases